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Why I quit baking?

If you've been following me from the beginning, or maybe in the past few years, or maybe you are my follower in Instagram, you should have known that I bake for living. It all started 7 years ago when I baked for fun then orders kept coming in and the next thing I know, I started to bake to earn some money!

Of course things didn't go smoothly all the time. There were numerous hiccups along the way: cakes collapsed, underbaked cakes, Farish got sick, I got sick, forgotten order, wrong design/colour, I mean, I am still human right? I had to sacrifice a lot to. No more weekends, no more holiday with family, no more quality time with Farish. I lose my temper easily, the victims? Of course my husband and my son.

It broke my heart every time I see them. I am the wife, I am the mother, what have I done?

I was not happy. I was constantly complaining. I was tired. I was longing for more sleep. House was unkempt. I was stressed, all day.

It all went 'okay' before we had Farish. When…

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