Fear of losing another..

Sorry for another silence :|

Mojo almost died few days back. Little did we know another kitten would die from poisoning, again. Such a traumatic experience, I don't even dare to take care of her back then. Sungguh takut terlampau attached sampai devastated habis when she died.

Tapi Alhamdulillah. Kena pray lagi banyak.

Imagine pupil fully dilated, wobbly, loss appetite, agressive, weak, insomnia (oh yes she didn't sleep for almost two days!) saya sungguh takut! Sampai Mummy had to pumped a few ml of air Zam Zam down her throat.

Thank God hari ini dia tidur. Itupun after saya 'dodoi'. Haha lawak gila pakai dodoi. Okeh bye nak turun. Saya ada anak kittens nak jaga. Diorang baru bangun tidur.

I love you!


FurBall said…
geleng2 kepala..jejejeje
Elly Elinna said…
be strong again ya k.shaleen! ;)

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