Jiwa kosong

Four years ago, I gave my Dad this as a Father's Day gift.

And now, Mom's returning it back to me. To where it belongs :( in the first place.

Day by day, I was hoping that I could help my mom dealing with the pain of losing someone that she loved. But all those concrete-face shattered the moment Mom said "I miss your Dad...". I didn't know I am as fragile as she is.

Don't ask me what I'm going to do with my life. Frankly? I don't know! It's like half of me is gone when he's gone. Saya tak mahu kerja. Saya tak mahu sambung belajar. Let me be. I need some time off. Thank you.

Me and Mom are going to KK tomorrow. Got few things to do.


Joanne Jose said…
Hi darl. Ehm, maybe i am not in the position to comment or say anything. But i know exactly how it feels to lost somebody that attached and dear to our heart, like my late dad also.

I feel the way u feel at first and until now, it still here, in my heart, deep, very deep.

My dad leaves us with his kids (as u know my late-father re-married), about many un-settled things that sometimes drain my energy and thoughts to settle the things. And unlike my other sibkings, i am the one who manage him during hospitalization and yes, he had gave me the biggest impact.

But, whatever it is, please stand up again ya.. your late-father doesnt want you to be like the way u are now, rite.

I didnt say that i am ok now that sometimes i will cry when got to think about this all... but, time will heal..

Sorry again, if i've made it turns in other ways but i mean sincere in giving advice.

Stand up again k..
faRha said…
aku tau macammana rasanya
aku faham apa yang ko rasa sebab aku pun pernah rasa benda yang sama
xpe, u will get through it
and yes, it takes time
at least, your sibs semua dah dewasa dan faham hidup mati itu pastu
sabar dan kuatkan hati dan iman
insyaallah, things will get better
chezzem said…
You guys had such a wise words ;) InysaAllah. I will gain my strength back again, soon. Amin..
FurBall said…
kita enjoy~hahahaha~
chezzem said…
Isk dah lama dah enjoy ni! Hehe
sa igt tu frame..u beli d centrepoint guna crdt card..i was there...ehe...
chezzem said…
hahaha yeah! lupa kau ikot skali kan. hehe

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