Today and so on..

It's been a while. And I know you guys misses me :)

Go, say it and ask me, "Are you ok?"
Frankly? No. No I am not. And how can I?
But I know, I will ;) I will be ok one day.

Sometime I thought I can just stop writing here but kesian my fans (ok go on muntah darah now hehe).

I will just keep it short for today's.

So, Daddy passed away on 2nd January 2010. Just when everyone was still jollying over the new year. At home :(

Thank you so much for all the condolences, wishes, prayers, donations and support from all of you! Alhamdulillah the tahlil continues for seven days. Alhamdulillah rezeki Daddy, semua orang doakan Daddy.. Sampai one day tu almost one hundred people came and prayed for him, syukur.

It was not easy. Sometime I thought how did they do? How did my friends do? But I have to be strong. It will be tough, I know. But I have to get it through.

I miss him. So much. Tapi everyday tengok Mummy, kesian. Mummy lagi sedih. Mana boleh saya lagi devastated dari Mummy bukan?

Being a Daddy's girl is another thing. How can??

Doa doa dan doa. Percaya pada hikmah. Redha pada ketentuanNya. InsyaAllah.


nAdiEy said…
dont stop writing kak shaleen!!!
nad pon dh jadi fan....kekeke
Anonymous said…
innalillah....sorry taktau pun...

be strong,shaleen...

no wonder dah lama u tak update....
kerolizwan said…
shaleen. i tak tau about your dad. im sorry to hear that. takziah. be strong you! life must goes on. im sure you will. and yeah. i miss you. its been awhile.
hi cousie,

hope u're doin ok..(slowly but surely)... The journey is definitely not going to easy.. there are times where u will miss him sooo much that u cant even imagine.. when u bump into this situation, remember that thr are othr ppl who love u and will owez support u...we need to move on with life.. im sure ur dad loves u and wudnt want u to be sad.. He'll owez be a part of u for eternity.. cheer up gal *hugs*~ =)
yes, doa, doa and doa. salah satu antara 3 benda yg anak adam tinggalkan di dunia selepas kematian ialah doa anak yg soleh/solehah. jgn putus doa ye cikgu. be strong ;)

n yes, we miss u! ;D
luv u lalink..
nway sori ritu x dpt p time knduri..
pastu nk smpaikan salam takziah jaja kt ko..
Joanne Jose said…
i've gone through it not so long ago and i know exactly how it feels. But, takde org yg boleh tenangkan hati selain diri sendiri and, yes.. doa is powerful. Neway, i miss your post(s), i do. :)

Take care...
Joe Tahir said…
sorry about the sad news...Hope that u are doing fine.

Salam takziah
Anonymous said…
sabar k..arap sume ok..
doa banyak2..n be strong
anyway bile nak dtg kelantan??
kami menanti

ninaism said…
My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family. Hope everything is alright on your end. Allah loves you daddy and he's safe with Him now. be strong.

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