Alahai Maldives...

So, I was in Maldives. I don't know how did I get there but all I remembered was, I wore my favourite red bikini (erk!?) under a white sheer cotton top, strolling down the white sandy beach, with the sound of wave crashing into the shore, clasping hand together with someone I don't even recognized.

And then you ran, mocking me, pulling me. You were pulling me so hard, so hard that I fell!


No. This is not right. Something is wrong. It sounds so real. I opened my eyes and found my Mom struggling between the bed and the wall, under Dad's office drawer which she used as a side table.

Afi who was just about to sleep ran to Mom.

"Mummy ok? Mummy ok?"
"Mummy ni mengigau ke?"

"No lah. Mummy terjatuh"

*lights open*

OMG blood is everywhere! She slipped when she wanted to lie down waiting for the Subuh prayer and her head hit the very pointy corner of the drawer. I check on the wound whilst Afi prepared to take Mom to the hospital. I applied pressure on the wound, get a clean cloth and start to cover the wound with a bandage. The wound was quite deep that when I pull few strands of hair, a V-shaped skin were pulling back too exposing erk, the skull kot? Macam 0.5cm deep kot keping kulit terbukak.

Afi started to panic. I know Afi kinda traumatized after Daddy's death, he sort of become a bit protective of my Mom.

He and Abang drove Mom to Puteri and 1 1/2 hour later they came back with Mom got 6 stiches on her head. Oh she bang her head around 5.30am.

Aiyo Mummy!


gosh.. hope ur mum is ok..
izi said…
horror weh T_____T
so mak ko da ok ke?
kesian dia :(
chezzem said…
Scary ah jugak memule but she's ok now ;)
Joanne Jose said…
gile dramatic.. 6 stiches were many OK! Cuci hari2..
chezzem said…
hehe kelakar juak.

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