Something lagi scary happened today.

I just finished washing the car and was just about checking out the cats this evening. The wind blew so hard and one of Mom's orchid fell on the ground, in front of the cat's house.

The kittens semua dah start gather and playing around the orchids. It bushy, and they love it. Saya baru nak angkat and suddenlt Amitabachan terkam and and and............. scream!

Ya Allah, the hook (besi, the one yang helps the orchid to gantung) tercucuk and tersangkut onto one of his eyes, right into his tear duct. He was struggling and I couldn't get a grip of him. 5 seconds later, the hook came out and he ran. Ya Allah kesian dia. His eyes started to bleed, and so did his nose.

Aiyo I can never forget, the visual, blood-curdling!

Ok I started to feel uneasy now. I need to check on him. Sudah bawak pergi vet, alhamdulillah his eyes is ok, not blind yet tapi kesian Bachan. It must've been very painful!


hanisah said…
btol2 scary.. T_T
izi said…
weh seramnyaaaaaa
kerolizwan said…
oh my. this is gorry. i don't know whether it is you who did very well in explaining things, but it makes me feel uneasy too. haishh...but the race is oN aite? hahahaa
balkeez said…
hish!dh name pn amitab bachan. so stunt die agak ngeri sket la.

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