Cancer and you.

I promised my friend to post something about cancer, just as a basic knowledge for her and her boyfriend's family whose mom's was diagnosed with cancer few months back. I know quite a lot people suffering from this killing disease. It just kept reoccurring and kinda deja vu some how.

I may not be the best person to talk about this but hey, as I said, as a basic knowledge kan. And maybe I can become your resources for some alternative medicines, who knows kan?

(correct me if I am wrong in any information ok love)

The cause of cancer is actually unknown. It can spread and colonise other sites and produce toxins or disrupts the normal functions of our body. When a newly formed cells in our body are defective, and when our body is unable to destroy this defective cells, it will divide and form more which eventually begin the cancer process.

One of the Doctor that we've met told Daddy that he had cancer actually for almost ten years! Dad was shocked, he couldn't believe it but for cancer cells to reach approximately a billion cells (so that it can be detected) it would takes about 2 1/2 years!

Senang cakap every person has cancer cells in their body. It just that it hasn't show up in the test unless it multiplied into billionth. And when the doctor said there are no more cancer cells in your body, what he meant was, the cells are undetectable for now due to it size. But it can still be there!

When a person has cancer, it means that he has multiple nutritional deficiencies that can be due to lifestyle, environment, genetic and food. So usually medical practitioners would suggest you to take supplements to strengthen your immune system.

I am always against chemotherapy and all the shits. But depending on how severe you cancer is, maybe you can consider on doing it kot? Macam if you have stage 1 or stage 2, if the type of cancer cells are responding to chemo or surgery very good, maybe you can consider on that.

Tapi you have to know that chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly growing cancer cells and also healthy cells! Boleh cause organs failure lagi. Although it would reduce the tumor size tapi until one time (prolonged use) tumor itu takkan mengecik.

So, the most effective battling cancer is by not feeding it with the food it needs to multiply.

Okay ini penting. Cancer makan apa? Sugar! Seriously you need to stop taking sugar in your diet. Completely. Make it substitute sugar ke less sugar, no, you can't take it. No matter what sugar mesti tiada dalam diet anda. If you really need the sugar rush, then opt for natural (raw) honey. My father drank green tea 'o' with honey spread toast everyday okay.

There were also some opinions for you to become a vegetarian, no meats what so ever. I was at first completely against it. Ya lah, I was a sports science student and I know how important it is to get a balanced diet for your health. You just need to eat moderately. But after few readings, I found out that it has a good point so my father indulged with Tony Roma's steak as his last non-vegetarian meal.

Ini adalah some of the alternative medicines my father used.
  1. Chinese herbs from Dr.Chris. He is someone my previous employer (boleh panggil employer although kerja one day je eh? Hehehe) recommend. Based in Penang we drove for hours just to met him. Anda perlu cekal makan herbs hari2, yang hitam, pahit dan berbau. My father gave up after a couple of months.
  2. There was this one doctor, two actually. Husband & wife. Mak Sarah yang kenalkan kononnya hebat lah kan. Doctor tuh pun suka brag. He's also against chemo so dia provide Daddy with diet supplement.
  3. 4Life. Kami baru start for 3 weeks tapi dah ajal Daddy. I strongly suggest you go for a surgery or chemo dulu before makan the supplements. It helps build your immune system back. Daddy kena makan 21 biji hari hari :|
Cancer is killing people everyday. Sucks and everytime I heard about it, I will cry. Betapa bagusnya jika cancer dapat detect awal bukan? You can email me for more info. I did some research (mind you on my own lab :P) so hopefully I can help you a little bit ;) Actually banyak lagi prevention tips (or only tips) tapi mail lah if nak tahu. Penat nak type panjang. Entry ini pun hurm, 3 hari kot?

But all I can say: eat healthy, exercise regularly, stop stressing yourself!


+a.z.i.e+ said…

Good info! Terus nak berdiet sekarang neh.. =P
izi said…
chemo tu tgk jenis ubat kot
sbb kdg2 mmg kena amik chemo spy radiotherapy treatment lg effective
anyway ni aku baca kat dinding dr.radzi HAHA
sape buat treatment chemo n radiotherapy,
jgn amik antioxidant
sbb nnt susah nak kills the cancer cells as well

ps: pasal gula tu aku baru tau wei. huhu
Sabrina said…
cancer eats sugar?? =O
adakah itu bermakna, kalau legacy family ada diabetes, maka kemungkinan akan ada cancer?
Elly Elinna said…
you are coming to usm back kan kan? hehe. elly join bengkel zapin tu! :)
chezzem said…

actually dieting won't do anything to the cancer cells once you're diagnosing with it. tapi dieting actually helps in preventing many dieseases. before cancer cells activated, sugar has nothing to do with it. anyway pun, eat wisely. healthy food yang penting. mana-mana makanan pun banyak bawak penyakit lain.


yup. macam bone cancer, tak responsive to chemo. radiation biase. antioxidant tue aku x penah denga pulak. hehehe


once cancer cells dah active only then kita kena be careful dengan sugar. selagi tak active still ok. rasanya tak penah denga pulak diabetes ngan cancer. rasa macam takde kot. cancer cells can be trigger by stress. so jangan stress2 hehe.


hahaha yup! see ya ;)

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