The important things you must know for cats

Digging their poo(s) in the litter box or yelling at them over few scratches on the leather sofa has made me sorta a cats guru. I was so attached with them, they even had a proper funerals by us. So, here I would like to share some tips, hopefully in a way I can help you cats lover a bit.

Different cats have different preferences. Some love seafood, some love chicken flavour. But the basic thing you need in finding the right food for your cats;

a) Adakah akan menyebabkan rambut bulu gugur?
b) Adakah kucing anda suka?

Orang selalu kata IAMS is the best. Kucing suka, bulu cantik. I gave it a try. Both for kittens and adults. But one thing I don't like about IAMS: it always came with free gifts inside, the bugs! I don't know why maybe tak hygienic or maybe the biscuits itself attract bugs more than other brands. So one day after saya jumpa giuk (cacing) in it rasa macam eeuwwwww. Kucing aku makan pun kena the best okeh!

Baby's weaning period is around two months. Ingat dua bulan baru boleh kidnap dari mak bapak eh. The first one month usually the babies seem to be attached with the nips. There is no way you can take it from them but when you see the babies started to bite, introduced them with biscuits.

I gave them Royal Canin Baby Cat, suggestion from the vet.

And Pooja loves it more than her babies!

But of course they can't actually to chewing on them so its either;
  1. Mix it with warm water
  2. Mix it kitten's milk
  3. Mix it with kitten's wet food
I choose the later one. Easier, tasty, mouth-watering. A perfect way to get them acquainted with their love of the life, FISH! But make sure you do not leave the food more than 15minutes or they might get diarrhea.

You can see that they started to chew the mom's nips (Aww that's hurt man) or sucking aggressively just because drinking milk alone is not enough and they're hungry! Depending on your kittens (and the Mom), weaning period would last up to two months. But Pooja still without fail bagi susu although they will be 4 months this end of month.

I just started giving them the adults food. Because it is hard to separate between the adult's and kitten's food.

We usually feed them with Royal Canin's. Expensive I know but I love my cats even more, they need a proper food. This 4kg bag usually lasted for two weeks.

They seem to like Fit 32 compared to others brand or flavour but now I am feeding them with Sensible just because they had soft stool and busuk. Its a sign digestion is not good there.

I tried few flavour. Hair & Skin, yack! They don't even like it! Indoor, tasteless. Persian, such a waste. Friskies, kucing saya vomit all. Smart Heart, green feces?? Sungguh vegetarian! Whiskas, diarrhea. Science Plan, tak kisah flavour apa memang kucing tak suka. IAMS, euw please jangan beli!

But again, depending on your cats. Look for any change when you start to change their diet. Stool, hair, frequency, amount. The obvious: stool and hair. Watery-feces or loss of hair, maybe it is time to change their diet.

Who likes taik kan? We'd been loyal to this brand when it comes with their cat litter. So far this is the best and I used lemon flavour now. I need it for the strong nosebleed smell.

It clumps pretty well as long as you did not accidentally smashed it on the floor. 10L/one big bag lasted for about five days depending on how frequent do I cleaned the litter box.

And some other tips;
  • guna minyak masak yang sudah dipakai dan urut/sapu pada telinga berkurap sehingga baik
  • guna minyak tanah, tuang sedikit pada kain dan lap pada kawasan yang prone kena kencing
  • the duration of cat's pregnancy is 2 months. Start counting from the first mating season and be prepared.
  • get some charcoal in hand. you don't know what they eat.
  • check their nose regularly. watery wet nose is not a good sign.
  • you can also check their temperature (no you don't need a thermometer) from their ears and gums. Kalau panas makanya demam.
Oh FYI I typed this entry originally on errr 19th Dec? Trust me, I had no time!


izi said…
charcoal tu utk apa weh?

blog ni sket hari cam blog recipe
skg cam blog kucing plak :P
chezzem said…
haha shadapp izi!
Anonymous said…
your cat litter sand 'lemon flavoured' eh? pernah rasa? :D
chezzem said…
Hurm.. So far tak kot. Tak tahu lah ada accidentally termasuk mulut time dok korak2 taik kan hahahaha!

But it smells sooooooooooo lemon! Nak muntah pun ada :p
izi said…
hahahahaha garangnya :P
weh aku betul2 tnya ni
charcoal tu utk apa?
hilangkan bau ke?
chezzem said…
untuk neutralize kan perut. kan kalau sakit perut kan makan charcoal. bukan yang ko amek kat pot orkid mak kau tau! ni dalam capsule. hehe
izi said…
owh, iyeke?
hahahha aku imagine arang sebijik2 cam yg bakar sate tu
horror gile la nak mkn benda tu
YaNiE^MoRA said…
shaleen,kucing awak ada fleas tak?macam mane nak ilangkan..dah spray tapi die tak ilang..camne eh?
chezzem said…
ada. kalau dah spray still x hilang bawak g vet nanti diorang inject. rasenya kena bawak once a week until doc tu kata x yah kot..
YaNiE^MoRA said…
owh..yeke..ok..nanti kite bawak..ada 5 ekor sume nak kena inject..thanks

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