Letter for you..

Dear Daddy,

I can't believe you were gone for 50 days now. How time really flies, phew! I still remembered the day they brought you away for your final resting, I still remembered the last kiss I gave you followed by a major breakdown after that, I still remembered your scent Dad. Yes I have a sensitive nose. My scent's RAM is bigger than my memory's I wondered why, hurm.

I always thought I was not that strong, to not having you around. I always thought my life would be miserable without you. Well Daddy, I am ok :) Of course lah there were times, many times I tumbled down when I just about to step on the ladder. Baby steps, I know.

So far Mummy lah teruk sikit. We can't leave her alone at home, we can't even left her alone downstairs! Tapi Daddy, don't worry. We will take care of her just like how we took care of you before :)

That was you kan Daddy? I remembered clearly your voice, calling out my name. But when I opened my eyes, you weren't there! Oh Daddy, I missed you so much that time! I just nak for once to dream of you.

Hurm, lets see what happened since the day you left us. Mama surprisingly is still living with us. Mummy kata takpelah, maybe it was your wish for her to live with us. Tak pe its fine. The kittens dah besar! Dah vaccine dah pun. And the new cats house pun dah siap. Their very own garden, hehe. Daddy kena tengok lah! Abang is getting married this 30th Apr and kenduri our side on the 2nd May. Kiteorang akan buat kenduri doa selamat je. Don't worry Daddy. We are not celebrating anything :) I haven't start working yet Daddy. And so did my study. Entah lah. I am confused but I already have some plans, InsyaAllah. With God's will Daddy.

Financial wise so far ada teruk sikit lah Daddy. I don't know what to do, sometime I feel like I just wanna give up. I guess from now on we have to start berjimat. Takpelah susah sekarang pun.

Oh Daddy! haritu we all dah published your obituary in Sabah's newspaper. Ramai orang called Mummy and most of them they couldn't believed what happened to you. Daddy lah ni sakit-sakit tak bagitahu. Ish..

Daddy, I miss you... Kita jumpa besok oke? ;)

Lots of love,


izi said…
touching weh :(
semoga arwah tenang2 saja di sana
Joanne Juend said…
Your daddy must be proud of u shal!

He misses you also :)
itu cikgu ke in 2nd pic? gaya budak kecik yg kerek tp comel gle rase nak cubit2!! hahaha
chezzem said…

Amin ;)

Kak Joan:

I hope so Kak Joan...

Kak Sofiah:

hahaha yup. tengoklah mulut. sama je

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