OMG Sop dah kawen!

When my school's bestfriend called me three months ago and telling me she's getting engaged, I thought 'Ok, another friend is getting one step closer'. Then she said, 'Wait, I will call you again later'. 'But why?'. 'The boyfriend is here!'.

I couldn't stop fidgeting so I called her that night and she said 'I am getting married actually!'.

Whaaaaattttttttttttttttttt??? I remembered the long pause followed by continuous burst of laughter. I was too happy but really that soon Sofia?

The groom's family insist on having the wedding as soon as possible so they scheduled for it in February. Sofia's family on the other hand wanted a ceremony full with customs and traditions hence the engagement were done about 15 minutes before the solemnization.

It was so fast that you won't even had that chance to weep. Macam alih-alih dah lafaz. Eh eh dah kahwin dah Sop? Eh ye ke dah? Eh? Eh?

One day before the ceremony, saya gagahkan diri bersama Ellie, we drove to Seri Medan, Batu Pahat hanya untuk mengambil cupcakes and cake yang ditempah for the hantaran from Kak Alice. I was to cerewet with the design and ended up with this lady from BP. Hehehe. She was a nice lady though! Baik sangat! InsyaAllah, I will order from her again.

To whoever yang terkejut and kecik hati if you were not invited for the solemnization, don't worry. Wait for her reception this May or Oct. Limited guest je for nikah. Hehe

The cupcakes. Comel bukan?

Bagitahu sekarang, comel kan? Kan?

And the hantaran cake.

Dama arrived on Thursday night so after sending the cakes to Sofia I rushed to the airport and fetch her.

We arrived the next day for the wedding just in time when the groom's family sampai so tak sempat lah tengok Sofia siap semua.


With her future mother in law time ni bertunang baru.

Habis tunang terus kena halau semua orang together with the bride to be, clear the hall for the solemnization ceremony. This was the funny part. Apparently Tok Imam tu tak suka orang free hair! Hahaha. Tapi Sofia pakai selendang dengan baju berkorset macam mana? Hahaha. Tak baik benci orang baik tapi I don't like the Imam :p Kesian Rashid nasib baik dia jenis cool.

And my favourite shot of all!


Miss Eyda said…
cupcake tue cute la..
chezzem said…
boleh order ;) link dah bagi dah tu...
annsha said…
i loooove her make up! gorgeous! it feels like only yesterday she was sitting next to me in class. tak lama lagi ur turn plak shaleen. u'd make a really gorgeous bride :)
chezzem said…
make up cantik. muka sop x laen kan after make up so ok lah.

hahaha sheeda dulu lah!

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