Saya ibu kucing

If you followed my Fb then you'll know betapa saya brag about our new cat's house, in the making. Its a huge cat's house attached to the old one.

Look, you might think it is easy to pet a cat but when you have a dozen with adults one, you will surely have to consider a bigger house for them. We did let them out during the day but when they started to pee on every nooks and corners, we closed all doors and windows except for those with manners we would let them in.

But no point ada pintu dan tingkap kalau ventilation takde kan? So about two months ago me and Mom discussed with Ah Liang the contractor to build a new one complete with a playground :) 6x7x8 feet. Weehooo. So we don't have to worry anymore.

But the new cat's house belum siap lagi. Sudah lah rumah lama punya jaring kena bukak, the cats has no place to tidur! So we had to let alllllllll of them inside for two nights! Hopefully boleh siap besok pasal I am tired of wiping kencing :(

Entri ini macam pointless lah. Ok fine good night.

ps: two of my Albums (jika anda peminat fanatik kucing saya sila tengok, mesti tengok!) (album ini akan diprivasikan tidak lama lagi so jika anda bukan teman Fb saya sila tengok puas2. tapi tidak perlu 'Save As' kot?) ;


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