Wedding & Emma

I am twenty three going to four but never in my life I would thought of becoming an auntie! Kids still addressing me as *cough* kakak, at least I told them to. Haha. But I don't know why I am surrounded by babies! Baby's everywhere!

Please, not that I hate babies tapi saya tak pandai! Kittens saya pandai, ada sama?

There's quite a few of my friends yang dah proudly became a mom (and they have blogs too! Cool Mom) and ada yang dah dua tiga lagi. Adoi. Its either I am old or I am not cool enough. Aish.

Anyway, I was told Emma just delivered her second baby so I went and visit her. Ini emak otai. Bersalin anak macam takde perasaan. Haha. She hasn't decided yet on the name pasal they were told it was a girl sekali keluar, erk, okayh.

I don't know how to hold a baby so.....


& her first child, Amon.

This is Amon, three years ago.

I knowwwww...........right? Shaleen and baby, big NO NO!

Attended my junior's wedding, Nazwa. Nak tangkap dengan brides kena beratoq ye. Amek kau.

ps: sumpah lepas post ni kena makan something. perut mula berasid.


jangan harap *ehem* kalau akak ade baby nak kasi die panggil cikgu kakak. mesti pakse pgil anty! haha
Joanne Jose said…
sy jugak! saya jugak! hahaha...

p/s: shal u look a bit bigger! good..

p/s(s): ingat, 2hb 10!
chezzem said…
kak sofiah:

alaaaaa..... but takpe. saya make sure sampai dia panggil kakak hahaha. tp auntie ok lah dr makcik? kahkah


hahaha. yes! yes! tapi kak joan dah kawen. how can tak pandai layan baby? hihihi.

it wasnt big but they were small compared to me. haha plus was wearing a 4 inch platform hehehe

yeah mesti mesti mesti!

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