Zulaikha and kids

The last time I saw Zulaikha was about three years ago during Eid Ul Fitr. She's pregnant now with her 3rd child and since I missed the first two, I couldn't miss the baby bump again this time. I went and crashed her house two weeks ago. Dia masak spaghetti and me and Fadzilah stayed until tea time!

Left: Harrys Haziq Right: Harrys Haikal

Baby's bump!

And us.

We went to the same school, the famous SIGS *muntah* hahahaha. We danced together, stayed back until wee hours, cabut sekolah and lepak CS. Fuh I miss high school!


annsha said…
omg! 3 kids already? i am so behind
wahh zulaikha dh nk masok 3 ek..
aku pon rindu zaman kita kat sigs..
balkeez said…
pergh~!sgt productive..
jajarina said…
tiga??!! wah.. hehehe
tol ar shaleen.. rindu zmn skola.. hukhuk
omg,,, zulaikha yg lompat klas same2 ng aku dh ade 3 anak? susah nk catch up la mcm niii.. hehehe..

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