Good evening Miss Shaleen!

I stopped the alarm at 6.25am. Purposely because the next alarm would rang at 6.30am. I find it is important for you to set 2 morning alarms if you are truly a punctual person (or 'deaf' hehe). I had a quick shower, perform morning prayer and started to dressing up like a makcik. Yes, KPJ is an Islamic organization. Loose pants, covering butt's blouse. But I am okay with it. I hate dressing up anyway. After making sure I wear the least make up I could without looking like a sick and sleepy person, I went downstairs, opened the sliding doors and let the cool morning breeze brushes against my freckles skin.

I scrutinized everything on the table and the fridge what should I eat for breakfast and the bread with butter would always win! With bread on one hand I walked to the car, start the engine and continue having my breakfast with Milo. When the smoke from the car's exhaust pipe started killing my nose, I hurriedly took my bags and lock the grill.

My car's antenna/aerial patah and the Toyota guy completely cabut the whole antenna so driving into a rural area macam shit nowadays. And Abang's MP3 cd with all the punk rock musics became my loyal companion.

I haven't start any lecturers yet. Of course lah kan but I will in a couple of weeks. So far I am in charge with two subjects. One I am very familiar with and the other the one that I hate the most back in uni. The one yang kau dengar lecture sumpah boleh tidur. Hahaha. So far everything's ok. I have to rent a nearby house. But I haven't got the offer letter yet so how can I budget my salary with my expenses?

Kejap, lesson plan itu apa? Shitttoooo!


balkeez said…
best of luck shaleen..teaching is not as easy as it seems huh? especially with the lesson plan thingy..but u will get used to it later..
Joanne Juend said…
lesson plan tu benda yang mampus sy xpenah buat dari last year! hahaha. penat je buat tapi x ikut.

good morning miss shaleen, tunggu kalu diorg panggil madam shaleen, jadik bengang jugak arr... :p
Sabrina said…
Students love a cool teacher! =)
What kind of teacher do u wanna be?

p/s: All the best to you!
beeRamza said…
aaaa?? akaksayang saye ni dah keje? hehehhee...nnt leh jadik GTS- Great Teacher Shaleen!!!

<3 gukluk! mmuah!
chezzem said…
belle: thanks belle! aku kena berguru ngan kau nih :p

kak joan: wohooooo first day dah kena boleh? sabo je lah. mentang2 pakai baju kurung dah macam makcik? isk hahaha

sabrina: A cool one indeed ;)

beha: hahahaha yea adik. akak baru je start kije. thank you thank you!
mhh said…

good luck huhuh...
Joanne Juend said…
baju kurung? hahahaha. tunggu sy bgtau mcm mn keseksian ku ditegur :)
kerolizwan said…
way to go Shaleen. selamat bekerja. jadi lecturer yang super cool ;))

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