Oh shoes!

Well, korang semua pun tahu I worked as a lecturer now kan. The downside being one is no matter what you have to look presentable and prepare for the possibility of you becoming their role model what so ever.

Our college's dress code for the lecturers are: a uniform (which I don't know when will they provide it to me but please be soon) and black-closed shoes.

I went to OU yesterday looking for the 'perfect' shoe. It has to be modest, comfortable and cheap since I am going to used it all day and I have a very very tight budget. Then I saw this, from Bata. Good. Welcome to the makcik-ness club, Shaleen!

Murah ja. RM49.99. But that doesn't stop me from buying this;

Hahahahaha! I know i know! The moment I saw this I just can't get it off from my head I just had to buy it. An impulse buying.

Now kena ikat perut until the next pay day.

Ini ialah Posh. Dalam kotak ALDO. And tidur.

Annoying yet cute!


kihkih nobody could resist aldo's.

uh cikgu, ok lg bata tu. akak ada assessment kat kemaman and last minute baru tau kena pakai kasut tumit tebal. so kita beli vessini (sumpah tak pernah dengar) RM29.90 sajork kat emporium kat situ.

kena ubah prinsip, "biar tak bergaya asalkan dapat markah lebih" kot? huhu.
chezzem said…
hahaha! gigit dulu tak before pakai? sure berbirat2 tuh..
sangat! terpaksa beli socks pulak the day after pasal dah melecet huhu

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