You're now a doctor!!

I was just about leaving college after submitting my leave application *cough* at the HR department when Dama called;

"Shaleen!!! Aku passed!!!!"


The next thing I knew there was this continuous screaming.

So anyways, here is for all my friends in USM who passed as a M.D.
Nak aku list memang banyak gile kan.

You guys are awesome you can go through the 5 years battle definitely with a lot of tears and stress. And espescially to Odit. You memang unbelieveable! Hahaha.

To Dama: cepat-cepat datang sini so we can bake everyday :p


Dalila Hassan said…
thanx shaleen dear, thanx for all ure love n support through out the crazy 5 years, u know what i had to go through kan, haha but alhamdulillah it was worth it,... cant wait to bake ~!!!! :-)

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