Dear Kak Sofiah,

I attended her engagement last year. And I thought I wouldn't be able to go for her wedding this year because I was too into furthering my study in Australia (which hopefully I can do it by next year, Amin) but Alhamdulillah, the wedding is tomorrow and I am still here.

I don't exactly remember the first time I met Kak Sofiah but I was sure it has something to do with dancing, a passion that we shared for the past four years in USM. We threw her a bridal shower party last two weeks and it was awesome! We went pole dancing *cough*, dinner at Bora Ombak, lingerie party that night (hahaha) and spa session the next day.

There were also some goodies for all of us! Enjoy the pictures. Tapi bukan semua lah ada.

Kak Sofiah the bride to be.

Kak Ty. Her engagement is scheduled in July.

Kak Wahid. She's getting married this october kot?

Kak Ira. Single mingle. Siapa nak kena Syed. Bukan Syed celup eh.

And me!

You might be asking why semua kakak. Well pasal aku awet muda! Hahahaha. No lah. Theyare those seniors that I'm closed with back in USM. Very closed.

Anyway, I can't attend her solemnization tomorrow because I didn't apply for any leave pasal aku kerja baru dua bulan and I already asked 2 days leave for Abang's wedding. Not good for KPI. Hehs. And although my boss already gave me a permission to leave early or ponteng tomorrow, suddenly rasa guilty amat as tomorrow is an orientation day and........................... ok ini paling saspen.

Weh saspen weyh wa takot gilak!

I am the lecturer in charge for the new group coming in! Aku mak bapak for 51 students!

Ok. I'm feeling nauseous now.



Anonymous said…
rambut ko da panjang wei!
God, i miss ur long hair

tiniey said…
congrats! dh hndle those things...
mhh said…
incharge student eh...

baru org nampak yang kita boleh buat keje...
Joanne Juend said…
sy xdapat pegi. hati sebak macam nak mampus. tengah sedih mcm baru hilang laki. sedih, amat sedih.

uuwwaaaa.... T_T
chezzem said…
izi: kan kan? aku pun pelik cepat na panjang. hehe.

tiniey: phew! hopefully boleh prove that i can do something.

haris: yeah yeah. tapi takut jugak. terkemut kemut baru nak belajar.

kak joan: ala ala ala.... jangan sedih! nanti i upload pics banyak2 :p
irakyoko said…
cikguuuuuu!!!! oh nooo.. tade gbr yg lebeh artist ke?? dan perlu ke tulih pasal s**d???? aiissshhh.. mmg nk kena bdk nih!
cikgu..baru bace post nih. hehe. xpela x attend nikah pun, i'm glad u could make it petang tu. kak net ckp, wah sempat shaleen buat baju dengan begitu berfesyen sekali dlm mase singkat. haha. thank u dearie ;)

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