The first lecture..

I'd been very busy this week. Well, bukan lah busy gila sampai tak larat makan pun tapi busy siket lah compared to the usual working day: all day sitting stare at the blank monitor. all day ok all day!

My very first class was on Tuesday. At first macam *gulp*. 10 minutes after the lecture began, the students were getting restless mainly because they didn't understand what I teach. Turn out to be they don't even know the very basic thing they should know before enter my class! I can't blame them. It was totally the lecturer's fault (before me).

On the second day, I held a small quiz and some tutorial and Alhamdullilah, at least diorang paham sikit.

The third day, all of them I paksa buat fitness test. Hah puas aku!

Hehe but it was fun! I've started to love this job actually. The students are ok. If before this I takut nak tegur, dorang pun takut nak tegur now dah macam "Yo yo wasssup!". Ok kidding.

Then I also became one of the judges for Dance Fever Competition conducted by the nursing students. And suddenly saya jadi serious during the critics session. Phew! It was a 3 days event so by 3.45pm I already packed my things ready to go to the main college.

Some of the students memang talented. They have grooves but they don't have the opportunities.

And from the event also students started to recognized me, those from other courses. So now all boleh respect saya and jangan cuba nak peewit lagi tahu? Some of the students were my juniors so the news of me used to dance in high school pun spread. So on the last day during the final, when the emcee announced that they wanted to see talents from the lecturer itself, I ducked my head almost to invisibility but they managed to drag me on the stage, with Ajim my colleagues from student affair.

They put on the Jai Ho song, c'mon lah! Have you seen me doing any modern dance before?

I was too malu to dance and request for another song.

Diorang pasang Hati Kama Kurik Kundi.

Darn :|

Enjoy the videos, I got it from a student. Apparently it was a big hit, the video I mean. Cause there was this little part at where Ajim almost fell! Sumpah kitaorang malu sampai table judges.

Oh and suddenly saya jadik Chief Judge and kena approved the winners and kena announce the winners. Wah? Rasanya kelmarin mimpi gaji naik, inikah petanda kuasa naik? Hahahaha.


tiniey said…
ow goshhh!!
demn gorgeous..sooo sportg.
stdtn msti syg gler miss diorg neh.
well done miss shaleen!
chezzem said…
you must be kidding aite. gila lari tempo macam haprak je. mengegel tangan bukan main! hahahaha
Miss Eyda said…
pandainya menari! :)
"lawa siot dia menari!"

hahahahahah. ala utk cikgu mmg piece of cake lah!
chezzem said…
eyda: isk mane ade... dah lame tak menari mmg out gila dah time ni. hehe

k.sofiah: hahahaahahahahaha! patut bgtawu awal2 boleh practice lagi ngaga mulut nanti.. haha. k.sofiah, ade bad news kot.... huhuhu
bad news yg smlm ke? it's okay, whatever pun dah mlm pun yg penting cikgu dtg kay

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