Life is not fun anymore kan? There were times when I reminisce completely over everything, that I cried, so hard that one time I almost hit a pole (when I was driving). I know I am idiot. But idiocy won't kill me that way. Its just won't. I'd imagined the perfect death for me, just in case, to be dramatic.

Life is so much like a drama. I'd never dream of starring my own movie, in a real life. I know there were ups and downs, and hiccups along the way, but I am just tired of making decisions, of controlling my own life. But nobody knows me better than I do.

My definitions over few things differ from the other. But they don't understand! So what should I do?

I have an exam this evening and hopefully they'll cancel it cause I am sleepy like hell!

Foot note: I miss the old chezzem writing on her blog :|


lower down ur expectation & make a realistic dream.
You can't have all in one , you need to take baby step one at a time.
Prioritize what you can achieve / do 1st and slowly plan a workable plan for the difficult one.
No , this not only apply to career / work / dreams but to how u lead our life.
Bersyukur dgn apa yg ada and terima what ever happen for pengajaran.
Tak semua yg kita buat org akan suke , ingat 1 kali kite tunjuk salah kat org .. 2 kali it point back to us.
Stop procrastinating and do it. x boleh plan, get an organizer and write down it down.
Anonymous said…
do nothing darling :)
u don't have to justify urself

wpun aku tak tawu exam apa,
but i still want to say good luck!
jwp bebaik


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