Order closed!

All of you know I can bake very well. That everytime when people see me all they asked for was either cakes or cookies :|

I love baking. I am! But I think I am going to stop taking order for the cookies and cupcakes (yes I do take orders) because:
  1. I hate all the cleaning ups and preparation. Super messy!
  2. I had to baked alone.
  3. I don't have a sturdy hand. My hands shiver a lot so decorating - No no no.
  4. I bake for the people I love. I bake because I love it. I don't bake for money.
Last week I had to baked 100 medium size cupcakes and 210 cookies. My god, sangat penat! I kept telling myself not to stop and almost cry along the way.

The week before that I baked some cupcakes for Bux's birthday and a cheesecake for makan2.

Imagine 100 cuppies. I am working. I am alone. Shessh!

My true definition of beautiful cakes:


Anonymous said…
thanks for the cupcakes shaleen... and the cheese cake too... hehe
thank you jugak!!
Anonymous said…
kek buah tu mengancam wooo. aku nk yg begitu la.


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