post hiatus

A beautiful wedding :)

I can't believe I'd finally have a sister in law.
At this moment when I am typing here, they're finally in Krabi for their honeymoon :(

Sorry been busy lately for the preparation and whats not. Am moving to Nilai (thank God no more driving!) soon maybe around next week. My house is just 2 mins drive from the college. Hahahaha! It has 4 bedrooms, a double storey terrace house and I am living alone! Wahahahaha.

Nak buat party bagitahu aku.


Sabrina said…
gile ah. why living alone in such a big house? the house - it's a free accommodation for lecturer ek?
Cutiesifa said…
best gler umah kau..
party tiap hari nie..hoho
chezzem said…
sabrina: haha saja. malas nak sharing. no lah. we have to find/pay ourselves.

siqah: hahaha wooo baye!

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