Baking aid, may-day!

Because of my passion in baking, one day my sister's old PENSONIC hand mixer (no offense but I don't trust Malaysian brand) could not withstand all the tortures and workload I put on him and decided maybe it would be easy if he just.....dead.

I have no mixer except the manual muscular long arms. Yes I have long arms and hands. People kept pushing away my hands whenever I strike the Titanic pose. And my arms are not that muscular, but I hope it would be one day. When I wave at other people, I can feel I do a double waves. Get it?

So, I won't be baking any for now (except for you Izi) until I buy this.

dream on Shaleen!

But, to net let you down, what I'd been baking (some with lousy resolutions. I don't have any camera at that time);

Rainbow Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (no frosting above)

Semperit cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Raspberry Cheesecake. Sorry gambar terbalik. Hoho malas nak rotate.

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.


Anonymous said…
apa seh
time aku nk dtg dia buat hal
isk isk isk :(
btw aku book flight 30june mlm k?
nk gi ptg aku takot rush
bole ke?


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