It has been 5 months but I'm still having problem digesting the fact that my father is gone. Days after days whenever I pray for him or sedekah Yassin, I will always ended up soaking up my telekung with hurm, tears.

His scent gone together with him one week after that and how much I missed it. I have a sensitive nose and I can remember his scent but somehow after 5 months, I could not remember how his scent was like. Damn. But I can still remember his parfume's scent though. Soooooooo PakLah :)

I still put his number as my speed dial number TWO. Before everyone's else including Mom. That is how it used to be and I want it that way. Rasa deja vu when the phone rang and his number appear but it was all Mummy :(

When Mom wanted to terminate his number I insist on having them. I went through all the hassle with Dad's death certificate to CELCOM and changed the account under my name.

People still looking for him through his old number. And I hate it when I have to tell them the truth without break into tears. But I failed, everytime.

I am 3 hours away from where he is cremated but I will make sure I come and visit him every month. I am always a Daddy's girl.

Daddy, I miss you...


buckenminey said…
kak shaleen.bertabah..

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