Mom was here yesterday. Yes she was here. She text-ed me on Thursday asking me to fetch her up from the airport that night as she has a meeting the next day. Her meeting was at Putrajaya.

I brought her to my office as I need to call the cab in the morning. Obviously aku tak boleh hantar. Then you know what did my mom do? She went and giving lecture to those students yang buat salah like not greeting properly, not wearing uniform properly. Cets! Malu gilaaaaaaaa! Rasa macam nak rendam kepala dalam toilet bowl. Obviously the students tak kenal my mom and all of them dah confused siapa makcik ni dok bagi lecture?

Tapi I must be thankful I have such a nice boss here! He was the one forcing me to go and send my Mom to Putrajaya.

I love the fact that I live just 2 minutes away from the college. I love Nilai. Quite resembles my hometown, Sabah.

My day starts at 7.30am everyday (except on weekends). Woke up, mandi, bersiap, breakfast. Lunch break balik rumah, berak, solat, makan. Petang after work sampai rumah solat, jogging, sapu lawn, sapu and mop rumah, masak, mandi, solat, makan, tengok tv, tido!

Macam Daddy, balik rumah during lunch break for berak :p

Ok gtg. Nak jaga students for aerobics. Bye!


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