My mom is a principal!

I did not woke up one day and said " I wanted to become a lecturer!" or "Nak jadik teacher". Never nada elek.

I'd always wanted to become a model. Or a stewardess. But as I grew older I started to realized my Mom would surely against the idea of me being one of those strutting infront of people or wearing half-naked clothes in magazines or serving drinks in flights.

Then I started to look for any professional job. A businesswoman. I don't even understand what does it mean but when people asked me when I was 12 I just said "biznaswoman!". Then slowly I realized that I love hovering around the pharmacy. I love reading all the labels. I love remembering the indications for a medicine. Then my mom said "You can be a pharmacist if you want".

It was obvious that I hate chemistry and physics when I was in school. I'd try my best not to study the subjects. Or maybe I would for exams. I don't even studied physics for the SPM until 3 days before the exam. Itupun after my tuition teacher marah because I came to revised mathematics.

A good teacher is those that you remembered most of. Now tell me, how many did you can recalled?

There were few categories:
  1. The favourites: those that you can click well. Eventhough they did not teach you.
  2. The best: those who gave a big impact on you guys. Who changed everything. Who had the best knowledge.
  3. The well dressed: those everytime they passed through you would try very hard to catch a glimpse of their shoes or handbag. Or dying to sniff their perfume.
Cikgu Hazli was my teacher from primary school. He thought us Science but what made we worship him even more was, he was like our life teacher. He was more like a father to us back then.

Then there's Mr.Jeyaram. A funny, weird and unpredictable math teacher from form 1. We always laughed whenever he scolded us for not doing our homework merely because his malay was soooooooooo bad.

Pn.Fatimah, just because she had matching shoes and handbag everyday.

Mr.Simon. He was my tuition teacher. I couldn't thanked him enough because without him I won't be able to scored A1 in math and add math. Imagine my marks jumped right up from failed to A's! Even Mr. Eng couldn't believed me.

Cikgu Zaharah. When everyone thinks BM tuition was unnecessary, my Mom enrolled me with her. In fact all my siblings did! She was so good you don't have to study for your exam. Haha.

Cikgu Amal. My favourite lecturer from KMJ just because number 1 :)

At university I was extremely contented with the vast lecturers I had learned with. There were too many to name a few I tak nak letak afraid they (or the students) might google it. Pfft the power of internet.

I was dumbstruck when I get that course in USM. I didn't know what to do. The truth was, I was so into hikmah and redha that I just stay there for four years. And then I graduated. And still jobless. I kept on asking God why?

My mom was quite an ambitious person. All of our relatives look high upon her. And so did her children. She was a nurse and people kept telling me one of us should be one and there were pointing at me. But why me? But my mom was also a teacher by heart. She had this nature of teaching and guiding other people so now where did she ended up?

A principal in a nursing college!

And me? Alhamdulillah I'm following her footsteps.

I may not be the most knowledgeable lecturer. But no matter what I will try to deliver my best to my students. I want to fall into that three categories. I want them to remember me as their guidance, InsyaAllah.

I'm planning on to get a postgraduate certificate in teaching and then pursue my master.

I am going to have another class tomorrow (Yes I know I am a junior lecturer I only have few classes every semester) so this is what I prepared for them. The topic is mengantuk so might as well I get them participate in this activity.

Jigsaw puzzles courtesy from Supernab (I adore her anyways)

I just need something to put that pieces of puzzles so thank Stylemepretty!

And bookmarks from Oneprettything. Actually it was from another web but malas nak carik.


hana yoriee said…
i do hope im gonna be a gud lecturer..huhu..but, then i'm stuck here with my master's thesis!!huh..hope to finish straight away to PhD but then, its not that easy task..haishh...looking back at past time, how i wished not to choose of being lecturer and juz grab the officer post..hehe..its fated i think. so,i have to motivate myself to be a gud lecturer like u! hehehe..

btw,nice blog u have here..
Joanne Juend said…
i wonder which category i fall to. huaahhh...

takut gila.

anyway, i adore ur mom too! sampai segan sangat2. haha
tiniey said…
may Allah bless u miss!
sHeiLa said…
hye there.. we went to the same Uni la. but i'd graduated in 2006 la.

currently working as a teacher (my mum's big wish!) , but as I remembered back in primary school, whenever I was asked what I wanted to be, I'll answer Teacher!

As time goes by, I can sense that I'm liking so much working with hotel's environment. too bad, one good offered been rejected as the big mem with her power, managed to force me to go interview for teacher's posting..auwwwwww, so yes..i end up working as a guru pemulihan..another heart attack!

hahaha.enjoy the life girl!
chezzem said…

awww.. I'm not a good lecturer. I don't even had an interest in teaching but I guess its in the blood cause I used to teach people, but not educationally. Good for you, you've planned to pursue until PhD. Me on the other hand sangat malas! Haha. Being an officer, doing all the office jobs are quite stressful I think. Seriously, u really tak nak :p

And thanks!

Kak Joan:

Meh saya add, lecturer yang garang tapi sporting! hahaha. Datang lah JB jom! My mom surely dying too meet another Sabahan too :)


May Allah bless you to ;)


Oh really? I enrolled in 2005 so you're my senior! Hello senior! Hehehe. I guess mom would always want the best for their daughter aite?

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