Students oh students!

You know, students nowadays are quite hilarious! Especially when you're just a few years older than them, you're lucky if they'd never bullied you, ever. I was bullied so many times! Yes. But as a lecturer you need to know your own boundaries with them.

Few of my students were trying to match-mate me with another student. I know right? They'd even took a candid photo of us, put some love icons and bluetooth with their friends. If this is your first time, jangan menangis! Hihi. Layankan aje. Until what extent could they do? Planning a candle light dinner for you?

Then during my lecture last week, I did some classroom activities. The topic was communication. I select one row of students, the first person had to tell an information to another and pass it around until the last person. But there was a barrier for this process: noisy environment. The students were shouting and all so when I asked the last person to repeat what the first person said, you know what did he said?

"Aiman suka Miss Shaleena!"

And the whole class guffawed at his answer. Aiman was the first sender (of information) and no, he did not say that. Now you see?

I had to invigilate one exam yesterday. I was fasting and the exam started at 5.30pm supposedly. I was in main college at 5pm but the classroom was not ready yet. we only managed to start one hour later. Had to stand all time during the exam, sudah lah demam and my feet hurts so much after that. Reached home after Maghrib.

But something made me laughed yesterday during the exam. 15 minutes after the exam started, one boy raised his hand up. I came and he showed me his pen was not working, ink habis. Nak marah sapa suruh bawak pen satu je masuk exam hall nanti dia menangis pulak kan. So I gave him my pen.

20 minutes before the exam finishes, I walked infront of him. You know what he did? Dengan coolnya with legs crossing, answer sheets tersusun kemas on top of his table, I saw something strange with his paper. Dia buat apa? Here dengan bantuan photoshop yang tak seberapa:

Hahahahahaha! Seriuosly aku nak gelak gila gila! Sweet gila! He wrote it on the backsheet of his exam question paper. Then I wrote:

But of course, in the end the student wins. It is really my favourites. Tapi takpalah, doa-doa mintak2 ada ong with the pen he can pass his exam :)


tiniey said…
eh coolnya dpt lecturer mcm ni.hahah
chezzem said…
cool ade lecturer boleh buli :p

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