twenty plus two

20 plus 2 things about Daddy (because chezzem.blogspot is my walking harddisc):
  1. My dad was the best cook ever. In fact, he can cooked even better than my mom. People were dying for his mutton curry back in Sabah. Everything looked effortless yet so scrumptious.
  2. He can lived just by eating chilli padi alone. Yes thanks to his diet, he'd got gastric ulcer not long after that.
  3. His family named him 'Zainoordin'. Then he changed his name to Said Noor @ Syed Noor before he enrolled with the police.
  4. He had been using Olay since forever! He had a better regime in taking care of his skin compared to my mom.
  5. He was the best in managing his money. Daddy tak stingy but also tak kedekut. Tapi maybe he knew he didn't spent that much time with us so whenever we go out for grocery shopping, he let us just take whatever we want. And I was the loyal companion! Hihi. Sampai Daddy pun takut if I ikut for sure the bill sure no less than 300.
  6. And whenever we went shopping for clothes (maybe), just make sure you buy something eventhough tak rasa nak beli pape tapi just beli cause he said so. Nanti Daddy kecik hati.
  7. He love gardening! Oh my if he's still alive sure our house dah macam nursery. He shared the same passion with my mom. He can even stop in the middle of the road to petik all this bunga hutan.
  8. Of course, cats. His favourite? Fluffy boy and Ikamatra! Hihi. Fluffy and Kika.
  9. He rarely wear a T-shirt at home until kat JB bila Mummy marah dia dok gardening or masak wearing only his boxer. Oh c'mon!
  10. When he was a police, during lunch break he came home just to berak then watching the afternoon news.
  11. He can play dart very very well!
  12. A very good singer. Lets just say Jamal Abdillah & Broery Maratika :)
  13. Our karaoke session when we were kids started because of him. He always brought us to this karaoke hub, he would select songs for us then paksa nyanyi.
  14. He was proud to be a Sabahan although he was not from Sabah. Balik JB cakap bah bah dengan semua orang. even to the pump attendant.
  15. He don't like the idea of his children having boyfriends or girlfriends. But he did love Obe though. Weird huh?
  16. A clean freak! Like betul2 freak. Boleh ada 3 different softeners, 2 different detergent, clorox, vanish, then ada all sorts of cleaning agent for the house. Mop ada dua. Penyapu ada dua. For the dapur and for the rest inside the house.
  17. Sensitive skin! Lagi sensitive dari aku. Well because I inherited from him kan. Daddy kena gigit nyamuk besar jarum boleh jadi besar 50sen!
  18. His principle: work>family. Yes, kitaorang kena adapt with that.
  19. Used to drive fast. But after two nearly death experience, he started to be careful. But it was him who thought me how to overtake and be a better driver especially in districts' roads.
  20. Haha paling kelakar. He love inflight shopping!! You know sampai ada stewardess recognized him because obviously he was a frequent flyer then for sure tahan trolley merchandise and food to but things.
  21. Unpredictable and cute sometimes. He ripped off an ad from a magazine, a SEIKO watch ad. Then the following week he went into this watch shop and showed the SA the ad because he wanted to buy it for me. Awww sweet!
  22. My dad has the most soothing smile :)
Now enjoy picture spam :')

And so, Happy Father's Day Daddy!


Anonymous said…
ni mesti seiko pink yg ko pakai kan? hahaha

chezzem said…
hehe yup!

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