Apa punya post tadi after a long hiatus. Haha ok back to normal again!


Saya busy tapi masih belum kurus, thanks for asking!


Orientation with the new students last week. They've started their class this week. New students = lecturer in charge = double jobs = need to amend timetable for them weekly.


Hobi baru gardening. Jangan terkejut lihat rumah sewa saya. Sewa tapi mewah haha.


Uncle Len was here. And he loves my house! In fact dia siap tolong with the garden and sms bilang next coming project: orchid house. Seriously uncle?


Oh, Lana enrolled in UITM Shah Alam. Her first time away from the family.


Dua weddings last weekend. Missed an engagement :( Sorry Kak Tye!


Paid half of my salary in insurance and road tax renewal. But oh, I paid half from the total amount hihi.No more Sabah's road tax :(


Hari ini pakai uniform. Kena bahan dengan students I looked like a student!


Cuba tanya apa last movie saya tengok. Kena lempang nanti.


apa last movie awak tengok? ok, sila lempang saya. haha ;D
chezzem said…
dush dush kedush!! Haha. Was like 2,3 months ago I don't remember what.
i think he's serius hehehe. BTW, my mommy loves orchid.. hehe

tolong tengok2kan lana if u free yer.. =)
chezzem said…
Hahaha adoiyayy... My garden is so kecik!! Haha.

Both of my parents pun ;)

don't worry about Lana. We will!

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