Remember this post?

Guess what? I did managed to get a scholarship offer for Master and PhD from that institution. And now I'm baffled as what to decide. My mom would definitely wants me to accept the offer. She even asked me few times now to just solat istikharah. The problem is I know what I want and that is not one of it. But I don't have the heart to tell mom. It is really a good offer but come to think of it, if I were to enroll in a local university, I could just pay myself without the need of bonding with a company kan?

And they asked me to specialize in Exercise Physiology.

I have to quit my job as a lecturer here. And I just started 4 months ago. I haven't even finish my probation period. But I am given a year to find anuniversity locally only then baru resign. But then working in IPPT? Hurm......

I won't complaint anything. Saya tahu ini rezeki ;)


congrats cikgu. choose the best k. tp cikgu seems happy dgn kerja sekarang ;)
Joanne Juend said…

every choice is rezeki. so, both equally best..

good luck! :)
chezzem said…
Thanks Kak Sofiah! itulah confused nih...
chezzem said…
and thanks kak joan too!

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