Sambal Daddy.

I did told you kan that my arwah Daddy had this big tolerance over spicy food? So one of his famous sambal (we called it 'sambal Daddy') was really something to die for everytime we had this get together thing. But I hate doing it pasal if teknik tak betul, confirm tangan pijar. After sometime, well I can say saya pro! Hahaha.

What you need:

Cili padi (usually merah but campur is better) depending on how spicy you want it to be.
Limau kasturi, also the amount depending on your chillies. Lagi banyak cili lagi banyak limau.
Bawang merah kecik.
A pinch of salt.

So first, wash and prepare everything.

Then start pounding sikit2. Jangan tumbuk kuat if you don't want your face merah all day!

Until it becomes like this....

Transfer to a small bowl..

And squeeze in the lemon and add salt.
Done! Easy peasy sedap *drools*


i should try!

or maybe cikgu should make it a practical lesson first so that bole pro cam cikgu haha.

tp mmg da kecur liur isk

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