T_T It is five already. So fast I couldn't even take a deep breath in between my works. I know you guys are bored. And I shouldn't be ranting about my works. But also I should stop blogging about the usual day-to-day things. you don't wanna know what I did, what I ate, or whom I called, or where I went. No, that would be ridiculously boring.

I have so much to tell but sometimes my brain just go kaput just like how my (borrowed) phone did. I almost cast it off from our college's 2nd floor when it couldn't stop dialing my student's number. But I have 8 months to go to actually achieve my hurm let see, 4th wishlist?

And I should have started reading back. But all I could now is anatomy. Fun blegh.

I stinks. And sticky. My skin I mean, everyday.

And also Mom is here. The whole family last night. We had this small get together. Mom and I cooked. Abang and Seri for the first time spending the night off in my rented house. Oh Seri is expecting. I should start playing with babies now. You know, so that I won't be that awkward when my niece/nephew is born.

"Hello baby! Hello baby! This is Auntie Shaleen!"

Shit. I failed.


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