Yes! I've lost weight :p

I love Saturday. Whether it is a working saturday (sucks) or the off-day, I still love Saturday. Merely because that is the only day I don't have to think about having an earlier bedtime, or preparing lecture notes. I have the day all by myself. I can do gardening, oh I love gardening! Shall post pictures of my small garden soon.

I don't have to tell you how busy I was for the past few days ( hence the dusty blog!). It was a boring story to tell, seriously! And weekend has always been something that I look forward too. But sometime pun I had no time on weekend. Pfft.

But maybe I can do recap on what happened, hurm....

1. Afi had registered in MFI, Bangi. He promised to stay with me on the 2nd semester tapi apparently he can't stand for the whole 1st semester so sometime he would ask me to come and fetch him or he suddenly just appeared in my house. There was this one day when I get back home a bit late after work and saw a dude, my brother in my house. Almost heart attack. Must get used to it.

2. ISO dah lepas!! Weehooooo! Pasal ISO aku sampai ofis awal everyday, kelam kabut naik turun from college to my office and tak study for my classes.

3. *cough* ada dance competition. *cough* Rock & Roll! Choyyyyyy!

Hopefully next week boleh bernafas. Fuhhhh.....


sootspirit said…
bile kau nak kuruskan aku ni ha????

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