You know, being my mom's daughter here in in this college was not easy thing to do. People had their own expectations on me, mostly very high. My mom had nothing to do with my job application here. Seriously takde. The boss was merely being nice with me, and my mom obviously. So I ended up here.

I was still juggling in every task they'd given me. After three months here, I'd been appointed as the college new secretary ISO committee. Truth to be told, I have no idea on what is ISO bla bla bla. Macam nak nanges pun ada. But I know I need to learn fast. It'll come to pun one day, the ISO thing I mean.

My mom was being sceptical when she first heard it. It was too soon for her. So before I send out all the minutes or memo, she'll first scan everything only then lah I can print. Haih. Bagus bagus.

Also, I've started being an interviewer for the new intakes. Gush... Ada yang nangis during interview!

Next monday, I'm going to Ampang Puteri for PEDOMAN. Me and another guy from admin in JB were the lucky two being chosen. Cis. PEDOMAN macam oath ceremony mcm tu lah.

I'm still in the office. Supposed to be half day but I need to finish doing few works before balek *sigh*


sHeiLa said…
ISO means the MS : ISO ka gurl? if so..good luck :)
chezzem said…
hurm... I guess?? hahahahahaha! Seriously I don't know! nway, thanks!

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