Cookies anyone?

Hi guys!

I am still selling my cookies for this raya :)
So place your order now before 28th August ok?

But anyway, I won't be taking any order with 'Twin Choc Chip' this time.
And new price;

Original MYR 35 for 70 pcs
M&M's MYR 45 for 70 pcs

You'll be getting all the cookies one week before raya.
Email me at (Yes new email for the cookies).


nAdiEy said…
ada perkhidmatan pos ka?hehehe
hah m&m wajib order. delivery smpi depan pintu ye. nnt akak emel.
chezzem said…

hahaha takde. tapi nad dah pandai buat kan cookies? ;)

kak sofiah: wah2 kena include delivery charge ni mcm ni :p

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