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Mom has been complaining about how the grass grows happily under the high humidity and lack of direct vitamin D season. About how dirty and smelly the cats' house were. About how fungi started to create their own habitat on one of our cats' playing pole.

The sky do no justice this morning. It was not sunny but also tak hujan neither. But later in the evening panas gila babs dengan bahang so everyone was eager to start cleaning including Abang. Hurm weird. It was nice to see all of them working together. Obe with the cats house, Abang scrubbing the stepping stones, Seri playing with the cats and Mom observing, not afar.

Obe tonggek. Hahaha

Me and Obe took this Monday off and headed back to JB last night after iftar. Of course eventhough Obe memang tak boleh drive malam because of his zero tolerance to silau and rabun, he drove anyway all the way to JB because saya sleepy sangat. Siap tidur ngaga mulut Obe kata *gasp*. Not cun oke!

We arrived around 2am and went to sleep around 3am. I'd told my Mom not to wake me because I really need those long hours of sleeping. 15 minutes to 12pm I heard a loud noise, like someone was screaming something. Then someone banged on my doors. Puzzled, I opened the door. All I could think of was 'The house is on fire?'. It was Kak Ummi, our weekly helper. She told me 'Mama jatuh!Mama jatuh!'. I ran downstairs and saw Mama (the grandma) was crying with Mommy on her lap. It was Mom yang jatuh ok! All of sudden she collapsed whilst sorting out rubbish (while sitting on a chair) and hit the floor quite hard sampai lebam pipi.

Mom has this tendency to collapsed, suddenly. Bila minum air terlampau banyak. Bila diarrhea. Bila bangun duduk. Suddenly. Like today, she collapsed because of she knocked her patella onto the wooden table. Just like that.

I made herself promise to do medical check up as soon as possible. Nasib baik Monday aku cuti so I'll be back to Nilai on Monday night lah. Kena cancel appointment with Toyota pulak.

Anyway, masak roti jala today and it was awesome! I did the batter and Obe helped me 'lacing' the batter. And boy I must tell you, Obe did a very good job on it! Thin, crisp and soft! The chicken curry pun sedap! Hehe no bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri ok. Seri si Mak Buyung yang usually tak pernah lepas nasi masa buka pun hari ni tak makan nasi pun. Abang pun bertambah-tambah. Hehe.

I masak sedap ke?
Ala... You masak apa-apa semua sedap punya lah..
Eleh... Memang ah you cakap macam tu. I girlfriend you!
Eh tak lah.. You masak memang sedap lah baby...


is ur mum ok? da bruise nampak teruk...

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