I know it. I know it ever-since my collection of new blouse has never grown. Ever-since I wear the same old jeans over and over again until one time I think that it can replace my shorts. All of it. I don't care if my pimples are all red, yet again.

I called it The Makcik Syndrome. Yes. Not that I am proud of it but yeah, I am officially a makcik!

Obe and I went to Sunway Pyramid the other day. It was supposed to be our shopping day. He wanted to find some new shirts for work, pants and boxer. I, on the other hand was muddling along with it, the shopping I mean. I know I wanted a perfume. Or maybe some nice clothes. But an hour after that, I was dead-beat and we just began scouring over the pile of boxers.

And then, we reached the home department and everything went so bright. And shining. Bright and shining. The plates. The pans. La Gourmet. Corningware. Oh sale! Oh my! Wait, did my Makcik mood just started?

You know you're a Makcik when;
  1. You go to GIANT/CARREFOUR/TESCO more often than you go to any mall in a week.
  2. You're avoiding the ladies department just because it makes you puke looking at all the boring clothes.
  3. You will try very hard to look at the teeny weeny price tag on the Correlle casserole set on display from a moving escalator. Getting far....... Getting far....... Argh demmit!
  4. You know the difference between each of the design of TEFAL's pans.
  5. Must have thing in your bag: grocery shopping list and a pen.
ps: thanks to Obe who is more concern with my skin condition and bought me skII. Yes kurang jerawat time raya fuh!


Joanne Juend said…
shal, i am officially a makcik. please don't remind me about the list. haha...

p/s: i've started to buy/eyeing on washing machine, pans, fridge, oven.. all yang makcik2 suke nengok.. T.T
Sabrina said…
SK II really works eh? let me know if it's positive. hehehhe.

i'm tired of buying from one product to another.. haih...

been living with "diamonds" for almost 7 years!!!
chezzem said…
joan: kan? kan? kan? lepas tu kita hafal semua specs kan then next time tengok kita dah boleh compare dah even better than the SA. hahahaha

sabrina: yup yup. it works! cuba beli essence dulu and try but the outcome might be lambat siket for the first time lagi lah if jerawat banyak hihi. but you can see the difference on ur complexion in just a few days!
baby said…
wow...after bace all d list, baru perasan...i'm officially makcik suda..waaa!!sangat terkena batang idungku sendiri..huhuh....

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