One after another...

I saw 'Abang' appeared on my phone's screen. Abang called me. This must be something important. You know, Abang was not that type of caring abang who just simply call his siblings to say Hi or to ask how were they doing. He was the type of abang who called you to ask how much was the Streamyx bill last month, or where did you put the extra curtain's hooks. He is my Abang.

I took a few seconds to breathe, deep, very deep. Somehow I know he was just about to deliver a bad news. I don't know how did I knew but I just got the feeling. I press the 'Answer' key and..

Abang: Hey, ko busy?
Me: Tak lah.
Abang: Boleh cakap?
Me: Boleh. Kenapa?
Abang: Hurm... Ni, ape ni aaaaa... Hey, Posh dah takda tau.
Me: (What? What do you mean by takda? Gone? Gone what? Hilang?) Hah? Takda?
Abang: Posh dah mati.
Me: Hah??? *grab tissue and ran outside*

(silent pause. This is me crying and sobbing)

Abang: Hello? Hello? Helloooooo......?
Me: Hurm...
Abang: Aku balek kerja tadi then nampak dia kat tepi jalan. Kena langgar aku rasa.
Me: How? Bila?
Abang: Ni baru je. Aku belum tanam lagi. Kat rumah jiran je. Aku tengok ada darah kat kepala kan, lepas tu mata terkeluar (sumpah time ni aku dah melalak. Naseb baik ada empty classroom and all students already left)
Me: Erm... takpelah. Ko gi tanam dulu lah.
Abang: Ok. *click* (Abang does not bubbye people, ever!)

Posh was the first cat of ours who was killed from an accident. If I were there I know I would be frantic. Well, this was what happened when you get too attached with your pets. But love is for you to share, kan?

I remembered my first pet. A cat, Ronaldo. He died in my arms from breathing complications. I was in Form 1. The next day I went to school, my heart was empty, my soul was nowhere with me that time. I had gastric from all the stress and my class teacher called me because I wasn't being myself that day.

Rest in peace Posh. We will surely miss you.


balkeez said…
babe, wanna ask u something. of coz la pasal kucing kn. hehehe. mase tu musim mengawan, so kucing betina aku ni nk kawen sgt2. so ktorg bg la. tp die ni bdn kecik gle, kurus keding. tp umur die almost stahun. ktorg risau kalau die bunting, will there be any problem? hehehe. ko dh mcm vet dh ;p
chezzem said…
InsyaAllah takde pape kot. Pooja dulu before pregnant pun kecik aje die. tak sampai setahun pon. hihi
balkeez said…
wokey...thanks doc~! hehe..
chezzem said…
weh cepatnya reply? menunggu ape? ghahaha
balkeez said…
chet! aku dok carik resipi lagi td. tu yg reply cpt.

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