Students sekarang dah makin manja/lemak. Dulu when I was a student, nak SMS lecturer pun took me awhile composing the text. Nak call pun practice dulu what to say. And if the lecturer was a foreigner, huh I would be extra proud if I could just talked without had to write the script on a paper (I usually practiced and memorized everything).

It irked me how my students simply SMS-ing me all the time with silly questions. 'What time the class starts today?' 'What time is the bus?' 'What subject for today?' 'What questions masuk for our exam?'. Paling dahsyat there was this one time when one of the students asked me to explain on something via texting! I did answered her a bit but after the 3rd sms, I told her to meet me if she wants me to explain more.

Even pathetic, when I told them to meet me in my office, they asked, 'Where is your office?' grrrrrr *trying not to curse, fasting month!*

Respect. Where is your respect? I know I am young. I know I am not married. But does that mean you guys can just SMS me anytime you want? Ok I need to stop. Some students are reading my blog and God knows how many of them of I do not know.

Took an EL yesterday just because I need some rest and by rest seriously what I meant was extra sleep and by extra I was hoping I could wake before Zuhur but rise and shine, I woke up around 11am. I really really need those extra hours. I don't know why but I became very sleepy nowadays in the morning. So sleepy that I think there was a glue on my eyelids anytime aje boleh melekat. So after few days of gruesome morning zombie, I smsed my boss (after some discussion with Obe) yesterday morning I won't be coming to work and hit the sack (again) right after.

I slept late every night. Remember I was looking for a good quality mixer? Well, guess what? I've bought it! Yaey! But still hadn't got the chance to try it. Bought it on Wednesday night after 2 weeks of thinking and searching. Punyalah stressful. Malam ni balik JB so maybe mixer baby akan dipasang disusun cantik2 atas meja next week.

Mengantuk lah. I am alone in the office maybe I can lock my door and.......sleep? Belle! Bestnya you have a room for yourself! Jeles!


Yasmin said…
I still take at least 15 minutes to compose my texts to my lecturers=)
balkeez said…
hehehe. come2. join utm plak. mixer brand ape? kitchen aid kah? aku jeles tgk blog mat gebu tu. pakai kitchen aid wooo.
chezzem said…
min: see! those kids memang childish tau compared to us huhu

belle: UTM aku tak laku... hahaha. weh cobaan mencari kitchen aid tau tak berjaya. tu yg sampai 2minggu. susah nak carik. n kitchen aid mahal siket aku rasa. aku beli kenwood. heavy duty punya. puas! :p

jangan cakap mat gebu, nigella, ree (pioneer women), bakerella pon pakai kitchen aid! Mana tak saket hati? huhu
Joanne Juend said…
been 2 years mcm dah seploh tahun deal with students. it really annoys us, tolong respect ok. i've been through what u r going through now and yet, it still going on. huh.

i NEVER sms-ed any of my lectures back in uni or what. skg nak reply kat FB pun still rs segan. see? the difference between us and them.

glad that we r born as we r now kan. pity them actually.

btw, just sharing

"even diamonds needs to be polished"..

big responsibility huh? :)

good luck, all the best!
chezzem said…
geram kan? u know what, semalam student tu sms lagi bilang cari satu office tak jumpa when actually dia carik time lunch break. though tengah puasa orang lunch break nak gie solat duh! this student mintak tips on exam actually. pastu die boleh cakap macam ni; "Miss saya carik miss satu annex tak jumpa. apa kata Miss sms aje saya apa soalan yang masuk" What? memang berderau lah time tu.

anyway, thanks kak joan! ramai jugak kawan saya yg memang into teaching actually ;)
Sabrina said…
fee's students pun selalu msg him. sometimes at improper time. lelaki i don't mind since he treats his boys like friends. but girls?? Hello?? Why nak msg bf aku malam malam?
I was like WTH??

I know la sudah maju ada hp boleh sms semua but yeah like you said, i'm not keen bila students boleh sms lecturers sesuka hati.

ok sorry, ter-emo. Haha. The point it. Zaman sudah berubah. students mmg makin lemak. lemak badan pun ye jugak. hahahha. jahat aku.

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