Ramadhan Kareem!

Ramadhan was something that I would look for every year. I love everything about it. From the food, teraweh, breakfasting, raya and again food. I remember the first time I celebrate ramadhan in USM. All I had were my friends. To find a decent food when you were nowhere near to your house with you being the type who did not take outside food and not a big eater can be quite stressful. When we weren't in bazaar, I'd spend my 2 hours before breakfasting with either jogging or sleeping. Sometime when none of the food seems to be delightful (when a southerner goes north) I'd opted for my cereals or bread or oats. Yup. I survived!

Then when I was home, everything was there. The tools, utensils, pans, everything you need was there to get an awesome home-cooked meal. And so I knuckle down onto some serious cooking. Oil splattered, minor cuts, teary eyes from the damn onions, it was an awesome experience everytime I turned on the stove.

Last weekend was quite a fruitful one I must say. All me and Obe did was cooking together for iftar which was the best episode ever every single day. Obe was quite helpful when it comes to house chores so don't be surprised if you saw him anywhere near the kitchen. From roti jala (not-so-pandan) and to die for my own recipe of chicken curry (Obe loved it!) to mee soto and suji porridge sampai lah Nasi Mandhi, Daging Prune and Serawa Durian. Everyone was drooling over the serawa durian including mom.

Anyways, remember I was telling you about the new mixer? No, not KitchenAid :( Sadly berpusing mencari sampai stress finally I put my ego away for Kenwood. Tried it yesterday, made Obe trifle for dessert. No wonder trifle selalu tak jadi! It was the mixer punya kerja! Hahahaha.

And here I announced, 'Get ready yawwwwwwww for more bakings!'


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