Travolta's fever!

Whoever says working is fun, he/she must be a total workaholic! Pfftt. Working is only fun when all of sudden your saving account figures doubles/triples. Well that is really really fun. My works triples also the past few days. Only God knows why.

I also missed a lot of things lately. My bestfriend wedding, Sofia (not you Kak Sofiah hehe) and also Dama's convocation. I promised them ages ago to attend their big day but who knows kan something came up in a very last minute.

Oh, last week I participated in a dancing competition organized by K*J. It was for K*J Sports Carnival actually but they had this dinner thing and performance was one of the thing that being judged that night. And guess what? We won!! We damn freaking won it! No it was not the usual traditional dance thing, its Rock & Roll!! Can you imagine it? I swear I'd lost minimum pun 3kg from all the training. Sumpah penat nak mati! Maybe I'll upload the video later.

At first nobody recognized me as a lecturer. Then other lecturer (our sports president) told other people then somehow the news spread so fast. They were surprised cause obviously the dance was not something a lecturer would do but hey, aku muda ok.

Then paling horror, some people recognized me as my mom's daughter!

"You anak Puan Saezah?"
"Are you Paulina's daughter?"

Shit shit shit!!!

"Hah.... Mommy tawu tak awak menari?"
"Tawu tapi die tak tahu saya menari macam tu *grin* "

*dialed Mom's number*

"What? You dance sekali?? I thought you mengajar je?"
Oh damn. Too late now eh Mom?

Tapi takpe. I know Mommy was proud of me cause everyone kept telling her how good I was on stage and she secretly adores me. Yes Mom I know :p She sms-ed me the other day;

"If you have a video of you on stage bring along to JB ya! Mom nak tengok!"
"Of course ada lah Mommy! Hehe okeh!"
"Semua orang cakap you chun! He he"
"See the Mom lah :p"

Oh comel!!!

Also me and Fadzilah visited one of our friend who just delivered her first daughter last week.

Puteri Haryssa Amani binti Hafiz

Bukan. Ini bukan ibunya eventhough nampak macam mak-mak. Hahahaha Sorry dodol ku! She just got engaged last weekend! Congratulations girl!


And the Mom, Zulaikha.

Wondering where did I get to online at this hour? Hehe bought a new broadband for the house. Well I did applied for Streamyx and they already fixed the telephone line here tapi port in my area penuh so I am in waiting list.

And Afi needs internet connection for his assignments/notes.

And ever since Afi stays with me I think my chores double up. Laundry for two, cleaning for two, cooking for two. But Afi's also very helpful compared to before back at home. I always had a fight with him before this but recently he realized that it is his responsibility to look after his sisters when Dad's gone. He make sure I locked everything when I am alone. He helped me with the plants. He has become an awesome brother now! Alhamdulillah.

(I have deleted whatever words I've posted here. I am sorry I know I didn't think clearly before I post. It's such an immature act to say such thing. So, lets end it)



Qurraisha said…
i found your blog....
miss u so much...
chezzem said…
eh? Sha!! tsk tsk abes lah blog i sume jumpa T_T
heh taula not my wedding ;P u make it to my wedding kan. award baju bridesmaids terlawa akak bg kat cikgu. lain dr yg lain. syabas beta!
Dalila Hassan said…
shaleen rindu kat ko... ko sihat...? i hope ure doing fine... aku bosan kat ipoh... datanglar ipoh jumpa aku.. :(

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