Eid is coming!

If there's one thing that I've learned from Arwah Daddy is how to be a cook. Often, everday, I admired him with all his anticipation with cooking for his family. Comparing me and the rest of my siblings, I was the one who get so attached with him. Every year I would try to spent my holiday break with him in Sabah. And every year he would asked me the same question "Bila cuti? Nak booking ticket pulang sabah". He gave me his credit card purposely to but airline tickets but I would used it bluntly and when the statement came to his desk every month, I would hide. But he had never asked me anything.

I was amazed on how he cooked. No apron, only in his boxer, he would start preparing everything. At times while waiting for the mutton to soften a bit, or waiting for his curry to dry he would sat on the couch watching his daily news. No one can change the channel when the clock struck 8pm. It was a rule by him. Or maybe he would stand next to the door. Cigarettes in one hand and the other on his waist, watching over the cats and occasionally he would played with them.

You won't find baked macaroni and cheese, roasted beef, lontong or any desserts in his recipe book. Most you can find was curry and curry and more curry. He can make the most simplest dish into something so savory and delectable. Like sardin. Something that would make me lick my plate to the very last rice.

His style of breakfasting, he would first make a simple appetizer. Like fried meehoon. Or fried rice. Or appam. Then around 8 he would start cooking everything for dinner. That was his style and we were okay with it. That was why we weren't that fond with breakfasting with white rice and lauk. There was this one fried meehoon until now I ingat. Might do it tomorrow for the last time before raya.

During raya eve, macam automatic my dad with his mutton and rice and mom with her rendang. Every year sama. If we were lucky, then we would get the 'infamous' patri. Being a Malabar family, kena tahan with all sorts of curries and 'tortillas'.

The past few days I'd been searching for recipes to cook for raya. Would definitely need to help my mom in the kitchen.

Raya this year would be different. Other than Dad is not around, there's a new addition to the family. My sister in law, Seri. Also Mom told me on the first day of raya all families and the grandkids will be there, at our house with Mama. So we might need extra food that day.

As usual me and my cakes :)

ps: I miss you Daddy :(


selamat hari raye ;)
oh right, it'll be ur first raya without him this year. dear it's hard! even after 13 rayas, it's still hard. ;'(

let's be strong and pray for the best!

p/s: i must learn to cook from u lah!
Cik Bucken said…
chezzem said…
zeratikah: selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin!

kak sofiah: :( trying to huhu.

ps: meh datang nilai! hehe masak senang je lah kak sofiah :p

mira: selamat hari raya dear :)

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