False alarm!

The past few months, I kept getting this pain on my chest. I ignored it at first but then it kept getting more frequent than ever! It started with twice a month. Then once a week. Then twice a week. The pain was so unbearable I can hardly breathe. Especially when I was driving. And each time, I had to clenched my fist and start punching my own chest. Ad it did feels good, for a while until I stop.

I used to ignored it until one day I had to drive all the way back to JB, alone with that pain. And the pain was still there even when I woke up. I'd told my mom and she arranged for an appointment with the cardiologist last week.

And there I was, in front of the consultant's room. Waiting patiently together with other patients who seems like a lot older than me. At least 20 years older than me. Hmphh..

And all the doctor said about my condition was muscle spasm -_- Really that's all??

And then the ECG result came out. The doctor paused for a moment which seems like forever.

"Are you an athlete?"

I am tired of answering that question! I know I am an Exercise Science graduate. I know I used to be physically active. But I won't call myself as an athlete. It is just against the true definition of athlete. I would start panting after 10 minutes of jogging. I definitely can't sprint (I get confused between the strides and speed). And I hate scorching hot sun. So how can I be an athlete?

So what did the ECG told the doctor?

Sinus bradycardia.


Sabrina said…
shaleen is a dancer athlete. hehe..since i never studied biology.. i had to google what is that ok. haih.

Sinus bradycardia ..unusually slow heartbeat??

It sounds..dangerous. mmg ke?
chezzem said…
Haha I bet everyone mesti google!

Not that dangerous I guess. Tapi if combine with hypotension? Hurm.. I have a very low bp! Oh bp: blood pressure! Hehe.

I don't exercise that frequent nowadays and as a sports scientist (haha), your performance akan menurun if tak maintain exercise regularly. So tak tahulah. Almost a year dah stop!

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