Wishing you well...

It was your birthday yesterday, remember?

Dear Daddy,

Sorry for not writing to you in ages. Been busy nowadays ever since I've work with the college same as Mom but in Nilai. Yes finally I have found a decent job, thanks to your prayers :) And no, I've never missed a prayer for you everyday either.

Did you know Abang is finally a husband? Hehe yes Daddy. The Abang that you always told me was obsessed with his car and Seri. They got married last May and guess what? Little Abang is coming his way to the family! Your first ever cucu, a grandson ;) Abang haven't decided on the name yet. He seems to be muddle over the 'Syed' or not to. Big big big explanation later to the kids when they ask I think.

Everything so far has been taken care by all of us, Alhamdullilah. God is with us all the time.

The cats? Posh died Daddy. Someone langgar her to death last month. As for the other cats, other than the never ending fleas and poo, semua ok :) So you don't have to worry.

Sometime Daddy, or many times, I always longing to hear your voice, to feel your rough and warm skin, to brush through you short curly hair over my fingers, to smell the strong cigarette odor, to watch you over and over again.. It seems like yesterday when I saw you perfectly healthy, smiling and laughing.

Daddy, I miss you...



beeRamza said…
i feel u, shakak. T_T
chezzem said…
Erin said…
Al-fatihah :)
chezzem said…
eh? eh? erin from kmj kan kan? ;)
Erin said…
Haah KMJ . Hehe . Kwn ngan Mayana dan ramai lagi budak SIGS . Haha .

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