You can never hide my dear...

The downside of having a journal publicly where everyone can get access to it is you won't know who is reading yours right now. Like now. Yeah you. No don't look behind you. I am talking to you. *sigh*

The other day during IT training in my college I was surprised when I found out someone google 'chezzem' in one of the college's computer. Like for what eh?

Obe has a big family. He is the third one just like me out of eight siblings. Up until now I still have this problem of remembering their names. Hehe. His eldest sister, Kak Jaja is married with one boy who just turned one yesterday.

The reason I am telling you this is, Kak Jaja read my blog :|

Huhu. Hi Kak Jaja *waves* Jangan bagitahu mak! Hihi.


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