Aren't Ex-es and your boyfriend shouldn't get along?

Everyone knows I had an open house last Sunday (except my sister I totally forgot to tell her! Sorry Kakak! Such a bad sister hehe). I'd planned for it even before raya. So I listed out my guests. Those who lives in KL/Selangor, I invited them and mostly they were my schoolmates.

I also invited Za'in. My ex boyfriend's bestfriend. Though I rarely contact H, somehow the relationship between me and Za'in did not ended there the moment I said we are over. I met her a couple of times so for being polite, I invite her to my rented house in Nilai. She was a nice lady and friendly by the way ;)

And she told me she brought H along with her. I told Obe about it. He was restless, sort of almost get mad but I consoled him afterward and he cooled down a bit.

They arrived a bit late. Right after everyone went home and when food almost empty. I saw them infront of my house. I saw H. Damn. I hadn't seen him eversince the break up so you teka lah how long. I don't know what to react but I remembered avoiding looking directly into his eyes. I was so scared like shit my temper tak boleh control dan dan tu jugak aku marah.

H chatted a bit with Afi then after I finish setting up the table (wah makan berhidang!), I invited them to eat. We sat. I had a glimpse or two at Obe and he looked fine though. So ok I am safe.

All along the evening, we talked a lot! About almost everything. And H was polite, as usual. I totally forgot about that.

Bila orang marah, people tend to talk about things that they will regret later. Kebaikkan orang diletak belakang. Keburukkan walau sekecil semut dibesarkan.
When they went home, I asked Obe what he felt that time.

"Mula-mula you cakap H nak datang I tak tahu nak rasa apa. I rasa macam nak marah, nak tumbuk dia after what he did to you. Nak tanya kenapa dia buat macam tu. Then I tengok you macam ok je. And H pun was nice so I dah tak ingat dah semua tu."

Eh apsal you exchanged number dengan H eh?
Eh ada ke... Mana ada. (He tried to deny it!)
Ada lah! Ohh you ingat i tak nampak ke??
Hehehe. Mana I tawu.. Dia yang mintak hehe.

Now tell me adakah itu normal?


ahahaha.. dont really know if it is normal or not. tapi macam lawak tu ye. ;DD
sootspirit said…
normal la tuuu
u should be glad that obe act all grown up
really =) hehe
chezzem said…
zera: haha macam pelik kottt...

izi: normal? normal? ya ka? normal? hahahahaha. baru plan wedding aku tanak invite die :p
balkeez said…
erm..for me, it's not normal la beb..kinda dangerous xtau la kn kalau si H tu baik xpe positive jek la..
Anonymous said…
chezzem said…

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