ATV experience.

It was supposed to be a surprised but Obe accidentally send me the details on the event hehehe and regret for the rest of the week. He brought me to ATV Adventure Park at Kemensah together with his housemates.

The housemates.

It was my first time riding an ATV. I was ecstatic at first. I thought it was easy but after I rode on. Man, I forgot I can't even ride a motorcycle let even an ATV!

I was pretty sure the rest of my riding experience, I smiled all the way. Merely because I was scared shit rasa nak stop right there and leave my motor there. Sumpah seram. Ngeeee I am a gayat type of girl ok! I kepit my groin so much tak mahu terlepas from the ATV. Hahahaha. Especially turun bukit.

Obe tanya nak pergi lagi tak? Aku cakap tak nak. Unless jalan rata. Hahahaha!

ps: this is where our sandwiches goes.


Erin said…
Wahhhh bestnya Shaleen! i pun nak pergi end of this month!
chezzem said…
best tapi....... hurm aku takuttt! hahahaha. pergi mane punya? amek pakej ape?
Erin said…
Nak pegi yang kat kemensah ni haa . Tak tahu laa package mana , tp member ckp yang ada pegi ke bukit2 tu sume . Huhu .
kerolizwan said…
Shaleen, i've been looking a place to ride those ATVS. Which part in Kemensah? Get me the details boleh? And cost semua. I really am eager nak mampus nak try!

Revert me Shaleen! Thank you thank you. :)
chezzem said…
hey kerol, the ATV is right behind zoo negara. hurm actually far behind kot. hehe. turn left right after zoo negara entrance, go straight until u see signage 'ATV ADVENTURE PARK'. Just follow the direction on the trees/lamp post hehe.

I don't have the contact number. I tried to google tapi it seems like they have problem with their website. later i tell you ok.

anyway regarding the price, they have few packages from RM50 to RM300. The expensive the package is, lagi lama. We took the RM100 package but I would strongly suggest u take 150 or more package ;)

oh from zoo negara to the park would take about 5-10mins (on 30km/h speed).
kerolizwan said…
Thank you so much Shaleen!!! this is really helpful. Tak sabar! I'll copy paste your revert ni to all my friend. Senang. They all suruh I cari. Nak explain sorang sorang berbuih mulut. Thanks again Shaleen.

This is really helpful :)

You can text me if ada info. Senang sikit. Still got my no ey?

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