Double Engagements

What's up with being 24 years old?

Everyweek you'll get numerous invitations. Engagements, weddings and whatever. And what stresses me out even more is my friend tend to break the news to me first. Or they simply let me know so that I can spread it. My friend, Ellie once told me I am like this walking Facebook. Where you can just ask me about our friends and I will know their whereabout. People always find me in weddings, not that I love weddings that much but it is my friend's big day and I just want to be there.

Last Syawal (or still Syawal ek) saw two couple-birds getting one step closer to their true happiness.

My bestfriend from primary school, Sabrina, got engaged with Hanafee, an English lecturer on 18th September. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony. Her theme was blue and yellow.

And Hanafee.

Then, on the 25th was my high school bestfriend turn. Iffah got engaged with Jie. As I was working that day so we arrived a bit late (dekat Pontian ok) but early enough to see all the sarung cincin moment. Just in time! It was a shocking engagement I must say. She smsed all of us 2 weeks before the engagement. Nasib baik belum ada plan. Except for open house kena postponed the next day hehe.

Jie and Iffah.

To both of you, I wish you guys happiness! And am so happy for you ;)

footnote: Sarah Syafiqa's engagement 10th Oct. Sheera's wedding 10th Oct. Fadzilah dodolku wedding 16th Oct. Wish's wedding 31st Oct. Oh not to forget, someone I shall not mention here unless I get a permission engagement, 30th Oct.

Bila turn aku? Senang. La ni bila orang tanya I just habaq sila tanya Obe. So now Obe yang tension with all the questions. Hahahahaha! Takkan pompuan yang nak masuk minang kot kan kan kan?


Esteban Granero said…
jie tu najhi ke?
chezzem said…
eh kenal? ha'ah. duduk btho kot..
Esteban Granero said…
kenal sangat. skoolmate aku masa sekolah rendah kat btho dulu.
chezzem said…
wah kecik dunia! jumpa kawen nanti lah haha

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