My birthday!

I am trying really hard to get my writing groove back. Seriously, I have become a boring person nowadays.

Oh anyway, thank you so much for all the wishes whatsoever. Being 24 this year made me a lot more older than what I would thought. No celebration. No present. But of course, because I insisted both.

I baked my own birthday cake. Like seriously, I did! It wasn't that easy though. Took me two days to finished it (the baking part) because works were piling up, I was tired and sleepy, house chores so I had to really berusaha to bake it.

But there goes my birthday cake, I threw it. Because it was too sweet with all the fattening cream cheese frosting *sigh*

My mom was there. Obe was there. Kakak and Bux were there. Afi was there. On my birthday night. We had pizza hut for dinner and I continued finishing up my birthday cake. I cut, we ate then it was almost midnight. Kakak and Bux went home. Got sloppy kisses by Mom then Obe dragged me upstairs.

For this.
The next day me, Obe and Mom went to Nilai3 looking for some curtains after work. Got back home it was nearly Maghrib. I was telling my Mom about the sofa then Obe appeared from behind with this shiny white new Blackberry.

I just stood there. Was it for real?

My first wishlist (that I purposedly tak publish) was a handphone! The old handphoneS (emphasize plural eh) were killing me and so so so my mom decided to give me a new one for my birthday!

Of course Mom did planned everything with Obe, as usual ;) I asked my Mom, but why handphone? I really don't want her to spend so much on her money. But apparently handphone was actually my graduation gift which Mommy tak bagi lagi! She told me that ok. Hahaha. I totally forgot about it.

Ahhh yes, I have a new number. Once I recover back all my contacts in the old handphone, I will terminate it.

Seriously pink? You've got to be kidding wahai sales guy Celcom!

ps: or maybe I can list out all my wishlists? Who knows boleh dapat? Hehehehe. Oh I also got a new bedroom set on my birthday :) No more sakit belakang sleeping on the thin mattress.


fAriefArihan said…
shaleen, happy belated birthday. :)
happy 24th birthday shaleen manis. ;))
chezzem said…
thank you farie!
chezzem said…
awww.... thank you my dear :)
beeRamza said…
shakaaaaaaakk!! kek itu canteknyeeee!! tapi manis sangat eh?

waw! dapat WHITEberry! hehehehik..m happy for u!!

love n hugs!
~lonelyna~ said…
owh...hepi belated bezday shaleen dear:)
chezzem said…
bedek: canti memang tapi manis :p still boleh makan tapi for kids lah. lupa pulak nak bawak balek jb aritu so buang lah since duduk dua orang je sape lagi nak makan? hehe. happy happy memang happy :D

lina: thank u thank u :)
nak jugak! nak jugak! nak jugak!

last week je ade 3 best friends dpt bb (including u!). oh dengkinya.

p/s: dah ngecek kat oag tp xde respon pun? haha
chezzem said…

maybe u have to wait for next year? boleh pau either on ur birthday or ur anniversary. hehe
amin. tp this year punye nirthday gift pun pending lg. huhu xpelah kalau ade rezki alhamdulillah ;)
Sabrina said…
congratz for the new hp!! hehe.
Jgn lupe bagi number ya!
Happy Belated Birthday Shaleen!! :)
welcome to the BB club. :))
chezzem said…
Sab:Eh? I thought I dah sms u? Tak dapat ke?

Arina: *big grin* thanks!
Sabrina said…
eh? itu numbernye ek? i thought ade number lagi baru. hehehehe

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