Obe first Malabar's wedding!

Right after all the uuuuu ga ga over the new handphone last Friday, we went back to JB. One of my dearly friend got married on my birthday. But that's for another post :)

On Sunday, my mom asked me to accompanied her to one of our relative's wedding. From Dad's side. Obe was so excited because that would be his very first time seeing a Malabar's wedding. We fetch Mama from Amai Surah's house. She was there for the weekend to layan all the cicit. And here is Arshad. My cousin's son.

I don't really know how to layan kids so I just show them the camera and said, "Ok cepat! Pose pose!"

My cousins' daughter. Make me so old erghhh. Cute eh?

The difference between a malay and malabar wedding is, well not that much pun. They do celebrate the wedding just like the Malays. Of course usually the bride won't ask for any hantaran money. They have the usual bungga maggar, bunga telur, pelamin, whatsoever. The same. But one thing you won't find any in a malay wedding is: Tarian Kompang Malabar. Obe was ecstatic I had to accompanied him sat right infront of them and he shoot this video.

Usually the dance is more kemas tapi this one berterabur. Some of my relatives were there in that group. When it was time for us to go back (we were rushing to leave early from JB back to Nilai), my relatives semua dok tahan Obe.

"Tunggu lah tunggu. Ada lagi. Diorang pakai kayu pulak."

Erk? Kayu? Hahaha. Macam kollatam lah. I smiled at Obe giving him the sign 'Ish, we really need to get back home now!' and so we left.


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