Probation ended.

Last 4th October marked the end of my probation period with the college. 6 months of working experience, wow that was awesome! Hehehe. Knowing me well, well, I am not that type of girl who can sit and do one job only at a time.

My first job lasted for a day.

My second job lasted for 2 weeks (that was an improvement :p )

And hopefully this job would last at least for another few months.

I am getting bored sometime here. I don't know why but maybe I used to be an active student back in university. I love all the stress, the datelines, the adrenaline rush, the everything when I involved in a committee.

The CEO told my Mom the other day that there are positive remarks of me from the colleagues. Impressive huh? I may be this timid, shy and quiet lady but lemme do my job then judge me.


And something big is coming tonight. No, not because or my birthday. Oh did I just purposedly tell you that?


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